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Living Lucky 

Living Lucky is a mindset.  It’s Believing in Yourself, Believing in the People Around You, Believing in Your Circumstances, and Believing That A Higher Power Is Working Through You, For You, And Always In Your Favor.

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Live Show

Jana & Jason

Jana and Jason’s mission is to live an extraordinary life by design and to help others do the same.  They are certified life coaches, speakers, and creators of the Living Lucky platform.



Married in 2006, Jana and Jason like to have FUN!  What started out as a Pandemic project turned into the Living Lucky Podcast, YouTube Channel, and Talk Show!  They enjoy people, stories, crazy adventures, and their dog Tater is always along for the ride! 



In 2014, they started asking the deeper questions in life, “What is the true purpose for being on this planet?”  As they ventured down this spiritual awakening, life started becoming miraculous.  



The right mentors arrived at the perfect times, unexplainable synchronicities started to appear, and opportunities fell into their stratosphere.  It wasn’t easy by any means, but this was the birth of the movement they now call Living Lucky.

Treat yourself as you are, and you will remain as you are.  Treat yourself as you could be, and you will become what you should be.  

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jana Shelfer

Speaker/Coach/Living Lucky

Jana is a magnetic personality with a soul inspiring message.  She connects with people all over the planet through personal stories, coaching, knowledge, and life-wisdom.  Her thought-provoking words will have you laughing, crying, and motivated to take life to the next level. 

Jason Shelfer

Speaker/Coach/Living Lucky

Jason is a devoted husband, adventurer, and collaborator with the heart of a servant.  He is passionate about personal development and spiritual growth.  He spent the last 20 years traveling the globe, studying, learning, and coaching the concept of becoming the best version of “self.”  He’s helped companies, individuals, and teams maximize their potential through imagination and implementation.


Work With Us



If you would like 1 on 1 life coaching with Jana and Jason, for individuals who are blocked, uncertain or stuck, please contact us!


Jana will be speaking at the Optimize Your Health summit! For more information about the summit, including how you can register and watch it, click the link below!  (NEED NEW INFO)



We are all about collaborating! If you have an adventure idea or want to work with us, please contact us!

What Clients Say

"I began working with Jason and Jana at the beginning of 2019 and I will continue with them for the foreseeable future. Within the first 14 months of working with Jason, I have evolved my marketing and media company into a full blown Network Streaming company with original content. I am building my legacy. Jason has brought unique collaboration and prospective while his wife, Jana, has delivered inspiration, creativity and personal insight.”

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Living Lucky

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