Jana & Jason

Jana and Jason’s mission is to live an extraordinary life by design and to help others do the same.  They are certified life coaches, speakers, and creators of the Living Lucky platform.


“Treat yourself as you are, and you will remain as you are.  Treat yourself as you could be, and you will become what you should be.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Married in 2006, Jana and Jason like to have FUN!  What started out as a Pandemic project turned into the Living Lucky Podcast, YouTube Channel, and Talk Show!  They enjoy people, stories, crazy adventures, and their dog Tater is always along for the ride! 


“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ~Albert Einstein

In 2014, they started asking the deeper questions in life, “What is the true purpose for being on this planet?”  As they ventured down this spiritual awakening, life started becoming miraculous.  The right mentors arrived at the perfect times, unexplainable synchronicities started to appear, and opportunities fell into the stratosphere.  It wasn’t easy by any means, but this was the birth of the movement they now call Living Lucky.


Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker,

Community Influencer & Media Queen

Jana is an inspiration! From entertainment to public speaking engagements,
Jana inspires people to live their best lives through love, light, and laughter. Jana helps us become the best version of ourselves. Jana is an expert in life transitions. Change is a constant in life. There are 3 main reasons we go through a catalytic transition: Shock, Opportunity, and Growth. Jana has experienced all three of these reasons at very profound levels.

Push Your Potential

- Jana Shelfer

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At age 15, she was paralyzed in an automobile accident. This was a “shock”
transition that completely transformed her reality. Her second transition was
“Opportunity”, retiring from competitive wheelchair sports at the age of 29. She won the gold medal and was ready to move on to a different phase of her life which included the stability of a relationship and a career; but it was still a complete transformation and rebirth of identity. The third transition has been the most challenging, because it was born from within. She truly felt a human metamorphosis, or a “Growth” of a new version of herself. Jana quit her job because she felt an inner voice telling her “there was something bigger and better.” This was not an easy move, but one she is grateful for.

Jana is a radio personality who spent 12 years advising listeners who would call 4 hours a day to her radio talk show seeking help with their daily problems. During her sports career, while training with team USA at the Olympic Training Centers, Jana worked with some of the absolute best coaches, psychologists, and mind/thought leaders.


Jana has been featured in Deborah Norville’s book, Back On Track, TIME
, US Weekly, Oxygen, Sports & Spokes, and was a featured guest on the Gayle King Show, Inside Edition, as well as other media outlets.


Jana is a Push Girl… and will help you Push Your Potential!
Whether you’re joining Jana and her husband Jason on their inspirational journey or booking Jana for your next event, know that you’ve found a new friend in Orlando.

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Meet Jason

Speaker/Coach/Living Lucky

You’re one decision away from living the life of your dreams…BELIEVE IT!

-Jason Shelfer

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker,

Community Influencer & Media Queen

Jason is a devoted husband, adventurer, and collaborator with the heart of a servant.  He is passionate about personal development and spiritual growth.  He spent the last 20 years traveling the globe, studying, learning, and coaching the concept of becoming the best version of “self.”  He’s helped companies, individuals, and teams maximize their potential through imagination and implementation.


Jason has had a tremendous fear of public speaking dating back to a disastrous experience on stage in middle school.  He ultimately learned to transform his fear into excitement, a more empowering emotion.  Stepping out of his comfort zone as often as possible, he was “excited” to join forces with his wife in 2020 as a speaker, coach and facilitator of self-development events.  His passion for helping and motivating others to action produced such amazing results, Jason left his corporate career in 2021 to join the Living Lucky brand full time.


“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” - Zig Ziglar  

Jason is now in the speaking circuit with Jana. He also facilitates group coaching, masterminds, and team building.  Jason brings a vast array of experience and knowledge to the team comprising of over $100M in sales, training and management positions in his corporate background, and decades of relentless self-development study.
Are you and your team operating at peak levels?  If you are looking to get to that next level, get ready to clarify what it looks and feels like so you can design the path to achievement.